About us

Our Mission is to provide quality, professional and reliable physical education through a range of activities and sports.

ICanWin Sports

ICanWin Sports was created by Joe Ikhinmwin in 2012 on the back of the London Olympics. Having grown up in East London, Joe was aware of the struggle of succeeding in sports, but recognized the possibilities it could provide for him and his future. Joe began playing basketball at the age of 14 and went on to captain the under 20 GB team at the European Championships. He spent five years playing college basketball in the USA before starting his professional career in the UK, where he is the BBL Slam Dunk champion, has won the inaugural All-Star basketball Championship and is the longest running captain for the London Lions team.
With this in mind, he gained a MSc in Sports Management and created ICanWin, a company that not only provides consistent, quality teaching, but a company that takes the time to develop children’s skills through sports.

"ICanWin provides me with the opportunity to work with a massive range of children across London. It allows me to share my knowledge and skills as a professional athlete, and provides me with the chance to do something different on a daily basis. I am determined to make a positive impact on every child I meet and I expect my coaches to do the same."

All of our coaches are:

- CRB checked have current safeguarding and insurance certificates.

-Experienced in coaching and come from sporting backgrounds

-Qualified to Level 2 through the National Governing Body

-Able to meet your time and location requirements