Breakfast clubs

Start your childs day off the best way possiable with attending a Ikanwin breakfast club. More?


lunchLunch time clubs

Make the most of the school day with a Lunch Time Club giving your child the chance to learn a new skill in an organised and professional way during the lunch break at school.


afterschoolAfter-school clubs

Finsh up the school day by encouraging your little star to let off steam at a After School club.



Try all the athletic events and find out where your child excels. Running and jumping is just the start  of the Ikanwin Athletics program. More?



Take part in the UK's fastest up and coming sport. A great way to have fast fun and build great teamworking skills. More?




A great way for children to express themselves in a fun and exciting fashion. Cheerleading is in high demand and you do not want to miss out. More?



Want to learn how to compete? the Official British Dodge Ball Assioation game is the way to go fast and fun while enhanceing skills. More?


All the way from the basics of rolling and jumping to as high as you can go. Ikanwin
gymnastics caters to all skill and ability levels. More?
The best introduction to sports is the Ikanwin Multi-sport course. Try all sports and see what
you like from Athletics to Street Dance. More?






Team building at its best, Orieneteering is the best way to get children to come and work together to attain a shared goal. More?





A great way to help children improve hand and eye co-ordination while having run. Rounders is all round fun. More?


Street/Sport dancedance

 With a large variety of dance you can take your pick from Street, sport, and contemporary and have non stop fun. More?