Live Right Road Show

The Live-Right Roadshow:

The Icanwin Live Right Roadshow is an active, fun packed workshop that gives children an essential snapshot into the importance of maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle. Through a series of stimulating workshops, the children are given the chance to develop their understanding of key scientific facts while being active and having fun. Every Icanwin Live Right Roadshow is tailor made with the needs of your school and your children in mind. With 8 different topics to chosen from, schools are able to create their own packages specifically designed to work alongside any key themes such as ‘Healthy Living Week’.

The Details:

Each topic has been created using the New Curriculum, focusing on the importance of healthy living and a healthy lifestyle, with the objectives taken from P.E, Science and D.T. Together, they create interesting and engaging cross-curriculum links between the subjects with a clear progression of skills across key topics, such as ‘Eat Right, Live Right’. All Roadshow’s can run with children from years 1-6, with key stages being split into separate Roadshow’s so that each year group can experience a different selection of topics within one common theme.

Every Roadshow comprises of four expert Icanwin coaches who deliver the sessions and rotate the groups over a morning or afternoon. All Roadshow’s start with an introduction assembly; this is where the children first meet each coach they will be working with and are given a brief introduction to some of the topics they will be visiting. Once the assembly is complete, the children will split into their groups and begin their first session completing challenging yet fun-filled activities. As the Roadshow continues, the children will rotate between the topics ensuring that every child has the opportunity to experience every pre-selected topic. Rotations will be supported by coaches and any available school staff enabling the children to move quickly and safely to their next station.

During the sessions, children will be given the opportunity to win prizes and EVERY child will receive a participation certificate in the round up assembly. Plus, as each Roadshow closes with a round up assembly, children are also given the opportunity to share their ‘high’s’ of the morning/afternoon, creating a positive school buzz focusing on the importance of a healthy body and life-style.


The topics:

There is a wide selection of topics to choose from, some are listed below. To find out more about the topics available, contact the admin team today.

Eat Right, Live Right

  1. Team Clean
  2. Good Heart, Good Health
  3. Witness Fitness
  4. Sportivate
  5. Race Around The Body
  6. Healthy Mind
  7. Say ‘No’ to Smoking
  8. No Knives, Better Lives
  9. Think Before You Drink

To find out more about how an Icanwin Live Right Roadshow could run in your school, contact us at


Top Topics Chosen This Term:
  • 01.
    Say "No!" to smoking Informs children about the dangers of smoking and the effects it has on their body. Through the session, children learn about the 1000’s of different chemicals that are in cigarettes and how peer pressure can influence their decisions.
  • 02.
    Eat Right, Live Right Explains the importance of a well-balanced diet and the impact it can have on a child’s education. As the session progresses, children learn about the different food groups and how each food group can influence their health.
  • 03.
    Good Heart, Good Health Encourages maintaining a healthy heart and circulatory system which is vital in living a full and active life. Over the session children learn how to find their pulse, learn the key parts of the circulatory system and the importance of maintaining a healthy heart.
  • 04.
    Don’t Do Drugs Explains the dangers and risks involved with drugs. Children learn about the difference between illegal and legal drugs over the session and are given an insight into the dangers behind some of the most well-known illegal drugs. This session reminds the children about the choices they make and the implications it can have on their body over time.
  • 05.
    Think before you Drink  Highlights the damage that alcohol can cause especially looking at the way it affects the liver, heart and even skin. Through the session, children are shown how alcohol can impact their bodies and learn about the physiological affects it can have with prolonged use.
  • 06.
    Witness Fitness  This session focuses on the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Over the session, children learn about the different ways they can maintain a healthy lifestyle and the benefits of being physically fit.
  • 07.
    No knives, better lives These sessions are specifically designed with young people in mind. It highlights the dangers of carrying a weapon such as a knife. Through the sessions, the children learn the right way to handle challenging situations with their peers as well as identifying different positive divisionary activities, like developing a passion and talent for sport.