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Sporting champions

sporting-champions1At Icanwin we motivate and inspire children by providing opportunities for children of all ages to come face-to-face with world class athletes. All of our sporting champions are experienced at working with children and use their real-life successes and struggles to shape their assemblies/workshops. As many of our champions are still currently competing, they are ideal athletes to help children understand the trails of competitive sports today.

At Icanwin, our broad range of champions encompass a massive range of sports, and with their varied aging experience; we are able to provide focused sessions on key sports within a school. Champions can provide a range of sessions starting with whole school or key stage assemblies. Within the assemblies they will be able to share clips highlighting their successes and a brief insight into the journey they have travelled. They will take a mini question and answer session, plus they will be able to share some of their most treasured memorabilia.
For a more in-depth look into the life of a professional athlete, our sporting champions are able to provide group or class workshops. They can focus on one particular element e.g. how they reached their sporting success or can give a fuller, broader presentation sharing their highs and lows. Within the workshops, the children will be given the chance to ask any burning questions they may have as well as participate in a range of activities and games. They may even be given the chance to win exclusive prizes as selected by the sporting champion. Workshops can run with up to 30 children per workshop and can last for up to 2 hours.

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Additionally, as all of our champions are excellent role models, our champions can be used as a study within writing topics helping schools to create cross curricular links. Champions can work across all year groups or focus on specific years, as well as providing some 1-2-1 mentoring for children that need a positive sporting influence. Champions that mentor are able to attend 1-2-1 sessions every two – three weeks for a selected period of time (depending on their training schedule).
Great Britain's Peter Bakare spikes
All of our sporting champions are able to attend public events or whole school focus days, such as sports days. As they are ideal public speakers and they can confidently focus their talks on a particular sport or topic relating to your school requirements. Every sporting champion is able for a small investment; simply contact us at to find out more about a particular champion or session style.

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