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camps1Half terms and holiday breaks are the perfect time to be active and challenged by a new sport or skill; putting free time to good use. At Icanwin, every member of the team boosts about their active life-style and their love of everything involving sports. Whether we’re watching, playing or learning a new sport, our Icanwin team are always looking for new ways to develop their sporting passion. A passion, which we want to share and develop within children! We strive to inspire children to become active, happy, healthy people, which is just one of the many reasons why we have created and developed an extensive range of sporting camps.

camps2Every year, we operate a huge range of sporting camps across London, available to children of all ages. Each camp is run by our incredible Icanwin Coaches who are able to design and mould the sessions based on the strengths and talents seen within the children, creating a unique and fun-filled camp experience.

Weekly life at Camps

Camps can either be focused on specific sports or can be created using a combination of sports, creating a multi-sport week. Over the course of the week, children will be assigned a group leader and will be able to participate in a range of drills, skills and games. Towards the end of the week, mini competitions will run allowing the children to show-case their new skills that they have developed. Additionally, some mini-performances and assemblies will occur which provides parents and carers with the opportunity to see the accomplishments of the children from the week. Prizes and rewards for skills development and general sportsmanship skills will be continuously shared adding to the children’s positive sporting experience.

camps3Within some sport specific camps, there will be sessions lead by key Sporting Champions. During these active sessions, children will be given the chance to develop unique skills taught by the Champion and will even have a question/answer style session enabling them to find out the secrets and successes of the sporting champion.

Extra Details:

camps4As each camp created by our specialist sporting coaches, the hours of each camp can vary. Most camps run for a few hours each morning. The length of time each camp runs will be clearly advertised and shared with parents/carers prior to the start of any camp. Additionally, various family discounts are always offered making it accessible to every family and most camps can offer places for little as £6 per day per child!

camps5Finally, at Icanwin we are always looking for new schools that are willing to host a half termsports camp. All we need is the use of a large outdoor space such as a football pitch and access to toilets. The rest of the camp will be planned, managed and run by Icanwin Staff making it easy for any school to become a host.Plus, host schools gain an additional discount for any of their children that attend too.

camps6To find out more about attending an Icanwin Camp or to host an Icanwin Camp, simply contact us at

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