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Why Icanwin Multi-sports are better

why-icanwin-multi-sports-are-better1Icanwin Coaches are passionate about sports. They want every child to have a varied and enjoyable experience of sports so, that they too, can build a love of sport. Over the years, participation numbers for many traditionally sports across the UK have fallen, mainly due to children becoming focused on a single sport at an early age.

Parents and carers now spend more money on sports that provide easily accessible, year round clubs and indoor practise spaces, forcing children to become sole sporting athletes. Also, sports that hold a ‘high career status’ such as football are particular favourites, with children being pushed to the highest levels they can go in the hope of becoming a paid professional.why-icanwin-multi-sports-are-better2

However, children should be playing multiple sports if they want to truly succeed as an athlete. According to medical experts, taking part in a variety of activities, whether structured or not, leads to greater skill and muscle development. The lateral movement that basketball players use to stay in front of defenders is the same skill that offensive linemen work on to pass better, and is also the same skill that a cricketer develops to stop a travelling ball.

Icanwin coaches know that focusing on a single sport hones the skills required for that particular activity, yet it doesn’t necessarily develop a better athlete and the fundamental movement skills required in all sports.

“Children who play multiple ‘attacking’ sports, like basketball or hockey, transfer learnt motor and anticipatory skills (the unconscious ability to read bodies and game situations) to other sports,” David Epstein, author of “The Sports Gene” wrote.

why-icanwin-multi-sports-are-better3Playing multiple sports also can build better teammates.Being able to play a variety of different roles in different positions give children the chance to experience the pressures and highs of a sport. It helps them to develop empathy for other players when they are not in pressure roles and it helps them to build their social skills as they interact with different sporting groups. At Icanwin, we always look to develop the whole child, giving them a wider experience of sport. Without it, their individual confidence and ability to deal with challenging situations can be affected. Additionally, according to an American Medical Society for Sports Medicine report, diversified sports training during early and middle adolescence may be more effective in developing elite-level skills because of skill transfer.Playing multiple sports also lessens the chance for burnout because of expanded interest. While it also develops more muscle groups for a more well-rounded athlete.why-icanwin-multi-sports-are-better4

“If a child puts all of his or her efforts into one sport, not only do you run the risk of overtraining and lessening the child’s potential, you also have the chance that the sport becomes stale for the athlete,” said Brad Hatfield, a chairman of the kinesiology department at the University of Maryland. “Variety in the physical demands of sport training is often a good thing because it prevents overtraining (which can hurt performance) and it lessens degrees of physical and psychological exhaustion.”

why-icanwin-multi-sports-are-better5At Icanwin, we understand that different sports bring different demands. So we ALWAYS create a varied curriculum. We hope to spark the children’s interest in a variety of sports, encouraging them to develop different cross-sport skills and transfer their talents within various positions. We just have to continue to spread the word, that multi-sports is better for all…

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